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I was coming home last Saturday evening after a hectic day and found a small bag on the ground.

I opened it and behold what I found inside; $50,000!!!

Fear first catch me.

I took the bag home and when I emptied it, I found some documents, ID card, ATM card and an IPhone.

I thought about throwing the SIM away and keep the Phone and also dispose the the document and keep the money.

After a long thought, I decided to leave things as they were, hoping that the owner would call.

Not long after, a call actually came through on the IPhone.

I picked and talked with the caller.

Apparently, it was the owner of the bag because he named absolutely every content of the bag.

We met afterwards and I handed him the bag, he offered me $3000 but I turned it down.

However, he took my phone number, saved it on his phone and left.

Yesterday he called me and offered me a job at SHELL worth #950,000 per month, a 3 bedroom flat fully furnished and with a gift of 2014 Range Rover Sport jeep.

As I was smiling and testing the car, my wife just touched me and said: “Oya oya wake up

Its not every time you will be reading post on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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