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Of Christianity, Uwazurike, Kanu and Quest for Biafra

By Igwe Chris Ejiofor

“Blessings and thanks my Brother Chris for the above explanation as to how the Catholic repented. The question is not whether the Church apologised or not. For it is not what one says that matters but what action he or she takes to right the wrong already done.

I am a living witness of this Christian world leaders attitude towards the oppressed including the Vatican and the Queen of UK who kept silent whilst our Christian Eastern Nigerians were massacred in their thousands and millions died from starvation. Yet neither the Italian Government, nor the Vatican itself, nor the United Kingdom recognised Biafra as a nation that deserved to be Independent even for that loss of lives and bloodshed of the innocent.

Where was the compassionate of Christ in them? All very good saying that the Vatican apologised about their silence over the massacre of millions of Jews. What lesson did the Church learn from it?

Yes they brought Biafra food relief and flew out dying children many of whom have been dispersed all over the world and will never know their home origin.

As ADC to Gen Ojukwu in Biafra, I personally wrote letters with the seal of the State House of Biafra to all the European and Israel Heads of State pleading our cause and requesting our recognition. But nothing tangible came from them. I was also among the delegation who travelled for Peace Talks at Addis Ababa Ethiopia where the world press gathered to hear our plight and plea for solution from Gen Ojukwu. But all that fell on deaf ears. But we made history and I am a living witness of how the supposed Christian wicked leaders of the world let us down.

All they were interested in was taking control of Biafra’s oil and other mineral resources. The injustices against Biafra cannot be enumerated. They had a supposed impartial United Nations and the International court of Justice, yet the innocent millions who had died reported by the world press meant nothing to them. Even after lining up innocent men and gunning them down in Asaba, no one was brought to justice.

Yet the Vatican Catholic Church and the Uk Anglican Church headed by HM Queen Elizabeth II knew all about this and kept silent. Dignitaries returned their Knighthood medals and titles yet all fell on deaf ears.

In USA, where Christianity supposed to reign an American Black Civil Right leader, the Rev Martin Luther King had been assassinated. This showed that Satan was the head of Christianity in USA. So I did not bother pleading to the USA President for Biafra’s recognition.

Today as I reminice over the tragedy of Biafra in the backdrop of a supposed Christian world that should have defended our plight, I realise that Satan Supreme reigns over the Christian Church and world political leaders.

After my ascent to Royalty in 2008, I began to hear of political motivations to restore the State of Biafra. Then it was Mazi Ralph Uwazuruike, then later Mazi Nnamdi Kalu. This indicated that all the injustices done to the people of Biafra had not daunted our spirit for survival. But there was something missing.

I called on other surviving Airforce ADC to Gen Ojukwu in Biafra to find out what they knew about these movements to restore Biafra. But none of them had a clue nor had any been consulted. These movements were not headed by any veteran who had tasted war in Biafra.

The next question was how could they embark on a such an ardous journey without detailed consultations from all angles as to where the pitfalls lay? And have they fully undertaken a Systems Failure Analysis to avoid repeating the mistakes Biafra had made during our ordeal and to make sure that the correct pathway to the promised land is taken to avoid wandering round the desert?

To be honest I do not understand them. What type of Biafra will they create? Is it one where only youngsters rule without respecting their parents or even acknowledging the efforts they had made?

Are they seeking recognition from the same world organisations that despised us and could careless for Biafran lives lost?

I hear of their seeking endorsement for referendum, without first repairing their land that had been damaged by cords of discord that the wicked enemy had planted. A referendum for a people who still need to find ways of rebuilding trust, rebuilding their common interests, taking the initiative from the corrupt politicians and rebuilding the damaged infrastructures of their land.

Do they not realise that actuating polical freedom begins with first rebuilding one’s own house before inviting guests?

My brother you can now understand why I feel sad for my people. I pray that the mercy of Almighty may come upon us to do the right things first. Lord God Almighty please hear my prayer.

Amen and Amen.

Remain blessed.”

Igwe Chris Ejiofor was ADC to Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu during Biafra (1967-1970)

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