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Southern Kaduna Crisis, Nasir El-Rufai and his Traducers: What Next?

By Danjuma Musa

For those that continue to wonder in utter bewilderment why the Southern Kaduna crisis seems unresolvable, the simple reason is the hardline position of the some tribal  development associations and their umbrella body, the  Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) to the issue of Hausa/Fulanis, though long settled in the region, are denied recognition as bonafide indigenes and often derogatorily referred to as “settlers”.

That position is not likely to change soon considering the hardening body language of the irredentist SOKAPU, which indicates  that the only acceptable condition for peace in Southern Kaduna, agreeable to them, is the “immediate expulsion” of  “settlers” like the Professor Kabir Matos’ and the Sanusi Maikudis’, either by extermination or by threat of violence, a tactics obviously learnt from the Israelis that randomly expelled Palestinians as part of its scorched earth annexation policy.

Jonathan Asake, the rabid President of SOKAPU, denied registration by Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) due to its divisive political activities, pointedly told Sanusi Maikudi on Channels Television  “go back to your State”, a statement that bears testimony to the fact, that every other issue about the crisis, flows from or revolves around this fundamental issue. 

SOKAPU, over the years has undoubtedly succeeded through sustained campaign of half truths, outright lies and misinformation, in portraying the crisis as genocide and land grab by a rampaging militia allegedly backed by the state, even when no  piece of land is occupied by local or foreign forces.

It has definitely surpassed  Joseph Gooebbels, Hitler’s notorious propagandist  in notoriety, with the strategy that has perfectly enabled it to easily hoodwink  the evangelical Christians that already believes in a Hausa/Fulani “Islamization” agenda.

Cashing  in on these strong religious/political sentiments, it has aggressively pushed several misleading narratives; portraying Christians as victims, a people that have been more sinned against, than have sinned, exaggerating skirmishes as atrocities, while bluntly refusing to admit heinous crimes perpetuated by the indigenous people against the so called  “settlers”.

But while the largely illiterate Hausa/Fulanis, lacks the media manipulative skills of the more educated indigenous Christians, they always exert on their own terms their pound of flesh, which generates media attention due to the disproportionate proportions. 
But like every lie, the one sided narrative by SOKAPU, that obviously finds the prospect of peace disturbing was eternally vanquished by the 22nd August, 2020 peace agreement between the various communities – the Atyaps, the Hausas and the  Fulanis in the Atyap Chiefdom.

The first narrative eloquently demolished by the  good people of Atyap Chiefdom is that land grab or occupation by local or foreign forces, that SOKAPU continues to shout wolf over is a blatant lie. The clincher, was the strong repudiation of violence, and the admittance  that the various communities engaged in killings, another fact that SOKAPU stridently continues to deny; and more  fundamentally, the acknowledgment by the Atyaps of the inherent rights of the Hausa/Fulanis to reside on Atyap land, with all the benefits, in line with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution as amended, to the embarrassment of SOKAPU that wants them out.

The 22 August 2020 Agreement in every respect equates with the Good Friday Agreement, that restored peace to Northern Ireland, if not far more significant in the sense that it liberated truth, long suffocated by the false narratives bandied over the years unchallenged by SOKAPU.

The peace deal between the various communities in the Atyap Chiefdom is a strong repudiation of all that SOKAPU stands for, which is why  SOKAPU and the other extremists are expected to fight back, and  to celebrate to the high havens any breach of  peace in Atyap Chiefdom.

Clearly, the main losers in the new peaceful Southern Kaduna, a rainbow region of the Atyaps, the Hausa, the Fulanis, Jabas, the Bajjus, the Kagomas etc, are  not only the irredentist SOKAPU and their co-travelers that share their “Southern Kaduna for only indigenous people” ideology, but their Abuja and Lagos based sponsors, who had subterraneanously cashed  in on the exaggerated crisis to demonize El- Rufai, who they perceive as an obstacle to their ambitions, the reason why SOKAPU should make hay, while the sun shines, because the because the transactional relationship sooner than later will  come to an end.

Thankfully the march towards a peaceful new Southern Kaduna, going by the commitment  to peaceful coexistence from Atyap Chiefdom in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area to Zipak Chiefdom in Jema’a Local Government Area, will not only deny oxygen to the well  “organized opponents” of Governor Nasir El- Rufai of Kaduna State, who have used the “crisis” to thoroughly harass him, but will also raise the urgent question, of what next for his traducers?

It will be wishful thinking or a delusion to conclude that those opposed to El-Rufai, will suddenly go to sleep, believing that would be suicide, because the 2023 stakes remains  very high, and El- Rufai  in spite of public pronouncements backing power shift to the South, is still considered an obstacle, a threat by the Bola Tinubu political group to the ambition of their mentor, whose presidential ambition is an open secret.

The recent disinvite of El- Rufai by the Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) as a speaker during its recently concluded NBA conference was financially orchestrated by forces that saw the possibility of political mischief by “demarketing” him, so as to diminish his chance in whatever way 2023 plays out.

El-Rufai’s opponents  are expected to creatively continue to exploit every opportunity to “deal” with their nemesis, including the campaign to deny him visa to Britain. But if only they bothered to learn from their previous futile efforts when they sponsored the likes of Senator Shehu Sani and Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi to challenge his every programme, towards creating disaffection between him and the people of Kaduna State, as they plotted his defeat for the 2019 elections, which spectacularly failed, they would have changed strategy. The problem with El-Rufai’s political opponents, is that they constantly miscalculate and underrate his political skills.

Fighting for the “people” has huge material and political benefits, especially in Southern Kaduna where political belligerence is hugely rewarded and applauded. For stance, the main reason why Architect Bala Bantex was rejected by his kit and kins, was his refusal to be antagonistic to El- Rufai and why Senator Danjuma La’ah, who has bluntly refused engaging with the Kaduna State Government on matters of policy and especially security, was rewarded with an undeserved second term, that was denied a more productive  Esther Nnenadi Usman, whose only crime was being married to a Muslim.

Between 2015-2019 as Deputy Governor, Bantex only managed to “command” some respect from the zone, when he reportedly slapped El-Rufai, an incident which though never occurred, indicated the kind of tumultuous relationship that “his people” tragically expected of him, without thinking of the potential consequences, like impeachment or total sidelining in governance.

Moving forward, SOKAPU, has clearly done irreparable damage to the fortunes of the region, with its message of hate and exclusion, but it can still redeem itself by jumping on the Peace train, failure to, guarantees it an ignoble place in history.

Postscript: Those who called General Chukwuemeka Okonkwo, the Commander of Operation Safe Haven Jos, overseeing peace operations in Southern Kaduna a lier and other unprintable names for telling the world, that all the communities in Southern Kaduna are involved in killings, owe him an unreserved apology with the admittance by the various communities in Atyap Chiefdom that they have all killed. 

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