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On the 25th December, the Christian community all over the world will be celebrating the two thousand and fifty-three posthumous natal day of the greatest human personality that over lived on earth.

That personality is no other than the Hebrew-born Yeshua, first seed of virgin Mary who was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter and a Nazarene Jew of the Esene cultural sect.

Rabbi (Hebrew word meaning “Teacher”) Yeshua (Hebrew word meaning “to rescue” or “to deliver”) ben-Yosef (Hebrew phrase meaning “son of Joseph”  is such an exciting personality that apart from being regarded as the founder of Christian religion where he is God, Lord, Saviour, Redeemer, etc., you meet Him everywhere you go including in esoteric science and transcendental arts where he is known to be the greatest master that ever lived on earth; in the teachings of the sundry mystery schools especially those of the eastern hemisphere; the religion of Islam where he is called Isah, and mentioned fifty three times in the Glorious Qur’an, and Islamic extant groups including Sufism; cultural and  philosophical societies including the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, AMORC, and one of its extant groups called Matinism; the Freemasonic Order with tentacles and networks scattered around the world; and other groups across the world that dispenses spiritual and cultural knowledge.

Yeshua ben-Yosef is also known and recognized as a great master in many of the indigenous African religious groups like the Yoruba Ifa religion and all the other extant cultural groups that employ the use of the Ifa ontology in their worship, e.g., the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity, where Yeshua is known as Jewesun as recorded in one of the volumes in the series “Complete Works of Orunmila” by Cromwell Osamawo Ibie.

In all these organizations and their accounts given of Yeshua ben-Yosef, the presence on earth of the great master of all masters is recorded in gold.

Rabbi Yeshua ben-Yosef is real, and his personality is larger than life. No wonder to us as Christians, he is God.

Rabbi Yeshua ben-Yosef is Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God and the author and finisher of our faith.

One striking thing about Jesus (derived from the Greek name “Iesous” and translates “Joshua” in English) Christ (Greek word “Khristos” also written “Christos” meaning “Messiah” or “the anointed”) is that all the information related about him in the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible written by thirty-nine Jews and one Gentile (Saint Luke, the physician), has been corroborated by several independent pagan and secular chroniclers of history.

As the accounts of Herodotus (circa 484BC – 420BC, a Greek, born in Halicarnassus, Asia minor, now called Bodrum in Turkey, and the author of “History of the Greco-Persian Wars”) confirmed several reported events in the Old Testament of the Bible, proving the Christian Holy Bible to be an authentic historical record of people and places, the accounts of Titus Flavius Josephus (37A.D – 100 A.D) the Roman Jewish historian who was born seven years after the death of Jesus Christ but had contacts with the disciples many of whom were still living, confirmed most information, and in some cases, gave deeper details about the life, work, and times of Jesus Christ.

There were several prophecies in the Old Testament about the birth of Jesus Christ, especially in the books of Psalms and the book of Prophet Isaiah.

All those prophesies about his birth and travails on earth, including the manner of his death, got fulfilled.

I will not forget to mention that the present system of enumeration of years called the Gregorian calendar, was articulated after the death of Jesus Christ.

The landmark death of Jesus Christ brought to existence A.D (ANNO DOMINO, meaning AFTER DEATH) counting of calendar years.

Even the era before this great master was born was demarcated with his equally landmark birth. This period is still referred to as B.C. (BEFORE CHRIST!) or in some anthropological, genealogical and other scientific circles as B.C.E. (BEFORE COMMON ERA).

Further in honor of Jesus Christ, and for the fact that December 25 is only one week to the new year, the highest mobility of people, financial and other resources every year is recorded during the weeks preceding and following after the Master’s birthday.   

Though the belief systems of all the organizations that recognize the unquestionable excellency of Jesus Christ differ from one to the other because of differing cultures, civilizations and interests, there is a congruence of spiritual truth in these organizations as a result of religious syncretism and the great influence of the teachings of Jesus Christ on order religions and philosophies.

Indeed, Master Jesus has become the role model upon whose life and teachings all spiritual and cultural organizations, either in pretense or in reality, fashion out their spiritual codes of conducts. From the teachings of master Jesus has sprout a variety of groups some of which are regarded by the organized church as heretical organizations.

While the organized church has caved-in on many of the teachings of Jesus Christ, one spectacular organization has endeavored over the centuries to maintain the high moral code of Christianity as instituted by Jesus Christ and passed on to the disciples.

Founded by the French protestant, John Calvin who lived between 1509 and 1564, Calvinism, an extant Christian religious group with very high and strict moral attitudes to life has enriched the English Lexicon with the word “Calvinist” which means a person with high, and strict moral attitudes to life.

It is important to mention here that like all religions, a few myths have been built around the personality of Jesus Christ and into the Christian religious doctrine.

The problem with religious myths is that rather than improve religious worship, they weaken it as the consciousness of the people grow overtime and those myths fail to satisfy the objective reasons of human inquiry.

This issue has for long been of serious worry to me as I fear that Christianity may have problems with the evolving consciousness of people as time goes on, so I have discussed them in a small book titled, Lost Legacies of the Church” written with the pseudonym, Rabbi Abram A. ben-Uriel.

One example of these religious myths is the doctrine of “espiritu de hevinu” (eternal belief in the concept of a physical heaven) which issue I have also discussed in another book, (also written with the same pseudonym) titled “Physical Transition: The Initiation of Death”.

Though He made references to His Church on earth, Jesus Christ never established any church. While Jesus Christ practiced and taught the laws of God and the principles of nature, Saint Paul articulated the doctrine and the theology of Christianity which was seeded in the proclamation of the disciples in Antioch as Christ-like (Christians), by their watchers.

Perhaps, this is an opportunity to say what Christianity is, and what it is not, especially in the light of the derision of one its founding doctrines – the doctrine of the holy trinity – by some members of some religious organizations.

To address this issue, let me quote a portion dealing with it in the book, “Physical Transition: The Initiation of Death”, viz:

“The concept of a three-in-one God can be illustrated with a hypothetical scenario of a hidden man whose voice echoes a specific instruction.

“In my analogy of the hidden man, a trinity or tripod upon which the task of the creation of the heavens, the earth and everything in them, thereof, was completed, is this formed:

  • The Hidden Man
  • The Instruction
  • The Voice

The analogy sums up this:

  • God the Father (The Hidden Man)
  • God the Son (The Instruction)
  • God the Holy Spirit (The Voice)

“In the divine Holy Trinity arrangement, the hidden man is the source of his own instruction while his voice is the messenger through which his instruction is given. “

I continued in the book, “There is nothing wrong with the Christian doctrine of the holy trinity as misunderstood by some religions.

“All the religions of man study and explore the mysteries of the body, spirit and soul, and they relate these three mysteries to their concept of God.

“Every human being who believes in God and understands that God manifests in body, spirit and soul is a silent adherent of the doctrine of the Holy trinity.

“Because all the religions believe in body spirit and soul, every believer in a religious doctrine, therefore, admits and shares, albeit unknowingly, in the mystery of the holy spirit – it does not matter by which terminology, semantics, expression, or physical manifestations in the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ appearing as the Instruction and the Voice respectively as Christians believe it –the appearance of God in body, spirit and soul is addressed by these religions.

“There is only one God, yet, the manifestations of that God are admittedly multiple.

“As Christians, we know, understand and believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God, He is the logos who was present with God during creation and with whom God created the heaven and the earth.

Then I concluded in that book, “Appreciation of the validity of the holy spirit does not yield to intellectual inquiry and proof, even as I have made efforts to do here.

It is an experience of faith and this unique experience is always there to be tapped by these who believe and have faith.

“Being the most important factor in the correct practice of Christianity, faith in the holy trinity approached through the worship of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, the understanding of His selfless works, and obedience to His teachings, has sustained the Christian religion in the last millennia” I ended in that book.

Jesus Christ teaches us that “I and my father are one” For this reason, if we remain in Christ till death, we inevitably become one with God. This is the grand secret of Christianity as opposed to other religious organizations.

Not being slaves to God as some religious organization teach, Christians are one with God with the potential to achieve the perfection of God, which a slave to God naturally lacks.

Unlike members of these religious organizations too, Christians, as co-inheritors of the Kingdom of God with Christ, aspire to be one with God and to be in his ultimate presence in the true spiritual, not physical paradise.

By the way, being slaves to God and lacking in the potentials of God is the same reason why much good in the expression of the virtues which portray the true nature of God should not be expected from people who share in the belief that they are slaves to God.

It is indeed a privilege which God has given to every man on earth to share in his nature through being a Christian.

For this reason, it is unfortunate, and I find it pitiable that some people in their stubbornness go through life missing out on this special divine privilege, because most people on earth has heard something about Christianity.

I have gone through all of it in my life, so I can talk from the vantage point of experience. Not am I a Christian by birth, but having wandered in the wilderness of life and seen all the other perspectives, I am also a Christian by choice as I have all the necessary knowledge and experience to sift the wheat from the chaff.

Many Christians make the mistake of believing that once they “give their lives to Christ”, they can go about disobeying natural laws of providence.

The truth is that obedience to natural laws are integral part of life in Christ. Jesus Christ observed this to Satan when Satan tempted him to disobey both the law of gravity and velocity by falling off a height, that Satan should not tempt “the lord thy God”.

That is, Satan should not tempt God which also manifests in the physical laws of velocity and gravity.

Some Christians misunderstand the concept of the efficacy in the name of Jesus Christ. The efficacy in the name of Jesus Christ derives potency from a consistent replication of the holy life which Jesus Christ lived on earth by the person who aspires to be “saved” and protected by “the blood of Jesus”

Without righteousness on the path of the person professing it, it is futile to believed that one can derive any benefit by simply mentioning and subscribing to a name that is marked out in purity and holiness.

This is where many Christians make mistake which keep them in great jeopardy when they are confronted with and overwhelmed by problems which they will ordinarily overcome.

As somebody who has in this life acquired different knowledge perspectives in religious philosophies and have actually practiced several of them, it is not enough for me to do the run-of-the-mill evangelism on people which normally will ask them to repent and follow Christ, and all will be well with them, or they perish in eternal fire.

The truth is that the starting point in the Christian race is to repent and follow Christ, but along the journey, one must exercise the “the three loves”, obey the natural laws of providence, and have unflinching faith in Jesus Christ. I have articulated “the three loves” somewhere in this work.

I have gone through history books, perused the histories of kingdoms and personalities from the advent of recorded history and the written word, and I insist that there is nobody like Jesus Christ.

The only person closest to him, whose belief system and teachings contributed immensely to the development of human consciousness but is sparingly accorded the recognition due to him is Pharaoh Akhenaton, Amenhotep IV. A Pharaoh of 18th dynasty of the new kingdom of Egypt, Pharaoh Akhenaton who ruled Egypt for seven years (circa 1353-1335 B.C) introduced monotheism (belief in one supreme God) in Egypt.

Egyptian monotheism introduced by Pharaoh Akhenaton actually influenced Moses when Moses was in Egypt. As a matter of fact, Sigmund Freud, the great psycho-analyst theorized that Moses served as a priest under Pharaoh Akhenaton. Moses was later to introduce monotheism to the Jewish Judaism through the ten commandments which influenced Jesus Christ as a Judaist Jew.

Having invented it, Pharaoh Akhenaton of Egypt did not perfect the teaching of monotheism. Moses advanced it, and Jesus Christ, using his life as a symbolic part of God to be easily understood and applied by the people, perfected the teaching of the body, soul and spirit, as understood within the universal unity if man with a monotheistic God.

Pharaoh Akhenaton through Moses left for the world the framework for the perfection of Jesus Christ of the work which the Pharaoh had initiated.

Why is it that evil is prospering in the world today in spite of the fact that the numerical strength of Christians around the world increases by the day as the size of Church auditoria across the world get enlarged.

The only answer I can think about is that Christians may have failed in their bid to represent Jesus Christ both in words and deeds. Christians represent Jesus Christ now only in words but not in deeds.

There is Christian evangelism everywhere yet no souls seem to be properly won to the Kingdom of God. This probably may be because the source and bearers of the evangelism are not representative of Christ in words and deeds.

There is no more purity, holiness and righteousness among the body of Christ.

For the avoidance of doubt, the message of Jesus Christ is basically hinged on what I call “the three loves”

These are:

  • Love of God (If you love God, you will not disobey God)
  • Love of neighbor (If you love your neighbor, you will not hurt your neighbor)
  • Love of self. (If you love sett, you will not commit sin with and against the body)

The world is allowed to be overturned by evil people as a result of the passivity of Christians who Jesus Christ handed the world over to. As a result of this, sundry religious hawks who operate in much lower rungs of the spiritual ladder whose doctrines are not built on “the three loves” doctrine of Jesus Christ, are on the ascendancy.

Evil is prospering in the world today because many churches and many Christian organizations have been turned into either business houses or political movements chasing all those illusions which Christ condemned when he was on earth. Some of the original teachings of Jesus Christ have been suppressed in the guise of heresy, because some powerful princes of the early centuries’ Principalities (countries) who felt threatened with the immense powers which their subjects welded practicing the true teachings of Jesus Christ “doctored” some passages of the Bible and expunged others when they negotiated with the church hierarchy who had become very powerful.

The church accepted the negotiation because it gave it the opportunity for the declaration of Christianity by the government as a state religion.

In spite of some mutilated portions of the Bible, the powers and efficacy of the teachings of Jesus Christ still remain intact, more that two thousand years after the teachings because, as has been said before, the teachings of Jesus Christ are buried in the consciousness of subsequent generations of true believers.

It is written in the holy scripture that Jesus Christ is the head of all principalities and powers. With a negative approach to the knowledge of what principalities and powers are, this biblical verse conveys a wrong and doubtful message to the mind of the believer.

I think I can use this opportunity in the light of my personal experience and knowledge to throw some light on this biblical expression.

I will do this with an analogy which I hereunder present.

Firstly, the spiritual world and the contents of its many realms derives from one source. It derives from a single divinity. There is only one divinity, and this divinity originates from what we know, understand and believe to be God. Within this trinity is expressed a divine balance in line with the equitable law of duality in all nature. This law of duality ensures that one thing is the opposite of the other in the same way Satan is the opposite of God.

From this primary perspective must the understanding of the natural laws of nature become easy, and everything falls in place. The reverse version of this understanding is why many people are in both spiritual, mental, and emotional bondage which cause them physical, material and financial woes.

My analogy is that the layers in the single divinity originating from the apex power source which we know, understand and believe to be God may be compared with a simple experiment of six different people, each holding a little of liquid such as thinner, diesel, petrol, kerosene, turpentine, and aviation fuel.

A bowl of 6-litre volume is provided to the experimenters who are timed to pour the liquids in the bowl at the same time.

After the exercise, a sensitive microscope is provided to a seventh person who was not present during the exercise, to look into the bowl and decipher its contents.

The seventh person discovers that there are layers of six liquids lined up in the bowl according to their respective weights and densities from the top but fails to determine the types and natures of the liquids.

An eight person, who was never present when the two previous exercises were conducted is called to analyze the contents of the bowl. He discovers that the bowl contains six liquids of same volumes, differing weights and differing densities. He names the liquids, their weights and their densities.

In the manner described above, the many layers of powers and principalities available on earth which manifest in different spiritual wavelengths (which symbolize their operational media) within the cosmic space are depictive of the contents of the bowl.

On the top of all the liquids is the lightest in density operating in the highest spiritual speed and this topmost liquid can penetrate each of the other five liquids effortlessly without their permission and knowledge. Even if they know, they can do nothing because the natural law of spiritual displacement which has just taken place, must be fulfilled.

I have exhaustively analyzed the law of spiritual displacement in the book, “The Flaming Sword” written with the same pseudonym, Rabbi Abraham A. ben-Uriel.

None of the five Underneath liquids can rise, penetrate and escape from the lightest in density when the later traps them underneath and sits on top of them.

As a matter of fact, every lighter density liquid can, through effortless penetration, trap and sit on top of a heavier density liquid the same way some earthly powers “swallow” others as in the case of Prophet Moses and Pharaoh of Egypt, and other cases the reader may recount from contemporary experience.

When this happens, the bearer of the heavier density liquid, hence spiritually -weaker power operating in a slower speed of spiritual wavelength who had believed that he had the ultimate power gets disappointed in the way Pharaoh of Egypt was when the powers of his sorcerers was swallowed by the power of Yahweh which Moses brought to the table.

In this analogy, Jesus Christ, being symbolically at the top in the bowl of the liquids, is the head of principalities and powers in the universe and is able to penetrate all of them.

This power represented by Jesus Christ is allegorically expressed in the Bible passage which describes how Jesus Christ went to the pit of hell effortlessly and collected the key to life and death, before His ascension to Heaven.

The most potent power on earth is the power exhibited by and resident in Jesus Christ, and this power is derived from the ultimate source of light, life and love, which is God.

The power in Jesus Christ has the capacity to subdue all other powers on earth if the bearer knows how to build, handle, and apply it.

I will not end my Yuletide evangelism without commenting on the extinction threat which the church of Jesus Christ on earth presently face.

Like Saint Paul encountered Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus and became the greatest Christian that ever lived and the best ever positive influence on Christianity following after Jesus Christ, having articulated the religious doctrine of Christianity, Constantine the Great encountered Jesus Christ in a symbolic Christian cross as he prepared for a battle the odds for victory were clearly against him.

In spite of the great odds against his victory, Constantine the Great went ahead with the instructions of the cross after a divine visitation in a dream. He won a landmark victory, and became a Christian.

The young king played the next most important role in Christianity following after saint Paul by declaring Christianity a state religion thereby stabilizing the religion. He made it mandatory for all Roman citizens and its subjects across the world to be Christians when Rome held sway in the world.

To get this done, he changed the Christian day of worship from Saturday, the traditional Sabbath day, and a day usually dedicated by the people to worship of their pagan God, to Sunday. There were to be declarations by the Roman government after several conferences which started with the conference of church Bishops (The Roman Catholic Church) with the state in Niscea in 325 A.D, where far-reaching changes were made in the operational procedure of the church to suit the exigency of the state. With these arrangement, the people found it convenient to be Christians.

Some other, local cultures which were not original Christian practices also introduced in Christendom took place in separate conferences. One of such cultures relates to the day Jesus was born.

The birth of Jesus Christ which is actually presumed to have occurred on or about 25th October at a time of the year in Bethlehem of Judea when shepherds actually watched their flocks by night aided by that season’s luminous skyline, was moved to December 25th by the Roman government authorities to coincide with an annual Roman pagan festival to which the people were already used to.

In substance though, this has nothing to do with the symbolic celebration of the birthday of the greatest master of all time on December 25 every year.

Another of such culture swap effected to render the practice of Christianity convenient for Roman citizens and subjects is the deification of a mother of God, which was before then a pagan practice. Before then, a Roman goddess and her son were celebrated in in the Roman pagan lore.

The subsequent acceptance of Christianity as a state religion by consecutive imperial powers that emerged was also key to the grounding of the church of Christ on earth.

Today, America, the incumbent imperial power in the world which also protects and promotes the interest of Christianity is being currently challenged and signs are becoming clearer that one of the reason for the conspiracy to challenge the traditional ideology of conservatism which have built the church of Christ over the countries is to destroy the church of Christ on earth.

It is very sad that Christians are just glossing over this major threat to the Church of Christ, the greatest threat it has ever faced in modern time apart from the early days of fierce persecutions and massacres of Christian matters martyrs.

It is sadder  too, that blacks in America and those who call themselves the LGBT community are, by both acts of omission  and commission during the November 2020 elections in the U.S. worked unknowingly in alliance with some religious interest who are part of the grand conspiracy to destroy the Church of Christ on earth.

This attempt seems to have succeeded with the ouster of Mr. Donald Trump’s Presidency and his consecutive Republican Party, to herald in January 2021, the imminent enthronement in the U.S. of a liberal Democratic Party government that sourced its votes by unusual means including suspected electronic fraud and from unusual quarters including the LGBT community.

But the question is: Can Christianity as a religion die? Religion is one of the few things in the world that records minimum mortality. When a religion seems to have died, there will always be a remnant of it, and extant group in a certain enclave that upholds its tenets.

Secondly Christianity is more than a religion. It is a way of life. The reason which has kept Christianity going all these centuries is because it is relevant in the search of the pristine purpose of man on earth which is to be one with his creator. Once a person is born on earth, his next primary spiritual desire is to restore his unity with his creator, the source of his life.

Those who desire to kill Christianity on earth will be destroying the earth, because the only guiding light in the dark tunnel of a collapsing world moral order, which also maintains peace on earth with all the virtues that must sustain the happy existence of man on earth, is Christianity.

Yet I must hasten to add that the pattern in the history of Christianity is that Jesus Christ uses unusual vessels to keep and propagate His works on earth at difficult times.

Secondly, the church of Christ on earth survives onslaughts on her because not only are the injunctions of Christ written in the Holy Bible, they are also written in the hearts of generations of true believers through the unction of the Holy Spirit which Christ promised to leave us with, and actually left us with when He departed the earth.   

As Christians we know, understand and believe that because Jesus Christ is the head of all principalities and powers on earth, this unfolding grand conspiracy to destroy the church of Jesus Christ on earth by principalities and powers will once again fail through the same pattern that has failed such attempts in the history of Christianity. This pattern shall continue to repeat itself on earth till we herald Him in His glory on His second coming.

It happened in the time of Saint Paul of Miletus. It also happened in the time of Constantine the Great. It shall happen in our time.

On the early hours of December 25th, I will kneel down as I do every day in gratitude and supplication to God and say THANK YOU, JESUS!

Please join me as we shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS!!, adding three GBOSAA! GBOSAA!!, GBOSAA!!!

Merry Christmas to my Christian brothers all over the world and affectionate wishes of love to all you people out there.

By His divine grace, we shall meet in, and explore a God-filled, happy, and prosperous new year 2021- a year of LIGHT, LIFE, and, LOVE.

So may it be!

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