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2020: The Year of Covid-19 And A Year of The Battle for The Soul of The Earth.

“God is working His purpose out as year succeeds to year, God is working His purpose out and the time is drawing near; Nearer and nearer draws the time, the time that shall surely be, when the earth shall be filled with the Glory of God as the waters cover the sea”

The first stanza of a song authorized and issued by the Church of England (now, Church of Nigeria), Anglican Communion, which is reproduced above sums up the most appropriate way to explain exactly what seem to be happening in the world today.

The song is recorded in the Ancient and Modern (Hymn Book) as song Number 271.

The world and its people are yet to know and hear, respectively, the last episode of COVID-19 pandemic which has suddenly turned to an international melodrama.

Before now, it was the COVID-19 pandemic; the fear and panic it created around the world, because of the speed with which it kills its unlucky victims.

Though the second wave of the pandemic is currently ravaging the world especially Europe and America, the more visible politics of COVID-19 pandemic and the battle for the soul of the earth between two traditional rivals of religion and science is more in the news than the carnage caused by the pandemic on the peace, socio-economic, political and cultural relationships and ties amongst the countries of the world.

With the many analysis and projections which this column, The Kaleidoscope took and established respectively on COVID-19, I thought that I had finally dimmed the Klieg light on COVID-19 with the last of those posts titled, “COVID-19: HIGHLIGHTS, POST-TRAUMA MANAGEMENT AND REHABILITATION”.

But, no, it happened not to be so because more issues, not basically on the humane and humanistic side of the fatal mortality so far recorded and the concern the pandemic has created on public safety, but because of other moral, political, socio-economic and cultural issues arising from the original accusation and counter-accusations as to the source of and reason d’être for the virus.

The earlier accusations going round suddenly went off from the centre-stage of the “Chinese Virus” (Courtesy of Mr. Donald Trump, the U.S President) and zeroed in to the discovery of an international conspiracy by some aristocratic businessmen, politicians, and scientists to steal the soul of the earth through a scientific and high-tech control of its inhabitants, the human community.

It has come to be known that though the Chinese government was in the know of the conspiracy because it would obviously benefit from it by way of achieving a long-projected economic supremacy over America and Western Europe, the moralist human community found out that the laboratory in Wuhan, China, which was used for the final lap of the experiment was just one and most probably, the last location from where the virus was cultured and unleashed to the human community.

That onslaught in biological warfare was planned to coincide with the Chinese New Year annually observed when Chinese citizens should converge in their country, contact the virus and “export” the virus to their various host countries on return to their bases.

Meanwhile, there have been allegations of bribery and complicity theories surrounding intentional organizations such as the United Nations (UN), and the World Health Organization (W.H.O) with their chieftains, governments, heads of governments and politicians around the world who are suspected to have either collected money and have been promised multilateral aids, to offer their citizens as guinea pigs for the initial experimentations of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The storyline is that this international businessmen, computer gurus, and other topnotch scientists (virologists) across the world is to be both reduce the population of the world (especially the non-productive and less productive members of the world family above sixty years of age) and to scientifically censor and manipulate the remaining number of the members of human family to suit the social, political and economic plan of the group.

If their arrangement succeeds, the world and its human population, with all the machineries of political, social and economic power will be at the beck and call of some powerful individuals who may be attending board meetings as is done in business organizations, to decide how they want to administer the world, which has become their private investment.

By then, through historical and unprecedented cupidity in a weird mass slavery, all of us, the human beings on earth, must have become merchandise of trade in the ultimate corporate world of one skewed global economy.

One striking difference between the present COVID-19 Corona virus plague and the previous Corona Virus plagues which ravaged the world is that the present one is said to have been discovered in a laboratory.

The danger, therefore, in the present strain of Corona virus called COVID-19 from the previous Corona virus strains that were naturally observed in certain species of monkeys and other animals is that the world must take responsibility for its actions of omission and commission.

Challenged with the necessity for balance, the crooked wheel of any unnatural and forced process must temporally pause to unwind to its fullest, and resume once again, to complete the process.

Secondly, it is a natural law that a crawling child who dips his fingers inside fire will inevitably be burnt because he has offended a natural law, though he may be said to be both innocent and unaware of the possible consequences of his actions of dipping his fingers in the fire.

By mischievously developing the COVID-19 Corona virus (if the story that we are told is true), the world is culpable for whatever ruins that may come upon it through the unfolding stages – as being presently witnessed in the second wave situation of the Frankenstein monster called COVID-19 Corona virus.

The truth is that not until we have escaped from this self-constructed trap, the level of fatalities, socio-political, and economic woes to be discharged from the hot nozzle of the hazard gun pointed on humanity by the ravaging virus on earth, may not easily be fathomed.

As the world matches on to “atone the sins” of creating COVID-19 Corona virus though the present sufferings worldwide resulting from the virus, it must remember that the natural and impersonal law of balance is not given to men to manipulated or influence. If it were possible, man could have been able to recreate himself at old age and escape the finality of death which is the balance of the life he has lived on earth.

While researching this work, I bumped into an article posted on 16th February 2019 in a Facebook account.

The article, titled, “The Logically Emotional Being” Part One, was written and posted by Udoka Obiora in his “SCIENCE TODAY” column of his Facebook account.

Udoka Obiora, one of my sons and a graduate of Industrial Physics is a science freak, exploring scientific knowledge wherever he meets it.

Being a practicing Christian from his early teenage years and being regarded as the family in-house Pastor since he learnt how to talk, Udoka has developed a keen interest in the relationship between science and religion.

I decided to sample this young main’s article here because it provides me with the background scientific knowledge to throw some light on an erroneous but popular belief that science and religion are two parallel lines that can never meet.

With this background knowledge provided by Udoka’s article, I shall examine the very foundation of the belief and take an analytical study of this subject matter because it has become absolutely necessary now to do so as the world gradually trudges on to complete an inevitable divine cycle which has periodically happened in the universal empirical space of the cosmic realm.

I hereby repeat that article inter alia;

SCIENCE TODAY: The Logically Emotional Mind (1).

“The human brain is made up of billions of neurons, and information passes through these neurons via synapses. Well, if you want to explain this further; the neurons have junction or gaps at each end (the tail of the neurons) and each beginning (the head of the neurons)

“The passing therefore of an electric or chemical signal through a gap of a neuron is referred to as synapses.

“As we know, we use our brain to think and our emotions are also attributes of the brain. The mind then is the combination of these two attributes: Logic and Emotion. Today, we venture down into the road of the battle between human logic and human emotion: Science and Religion!

“The existence of religion and science is not due to the fact civilization is changing or advancing and science like most scientists predict, will never beat away religion because these two came as a result of that which has always been inherent in man: his emotion and his logic.

“No matter how a civilization advances, there will still be a group of people believing in something or someone and no matter how religion proves its relevance, there will still be a group of people using their heads.

“This drags us down to the battlefield.

“In the battlefield, we have the fight of what is right and what is wrong, what is socially harmful and what is not. Science has its definition of morals while religion has its own definition of morals.

“To science or logic, any act seen or discovered to bring harm to the society is an immoral or lawless act.

“To religion, any act written down or passed down orally to generations as evil deeds is immoral or lawless.

“To science, any act whose harmfulness is not yet proven is not wrong.

“Religion considers this the flaw of science or logic because the religious man believes that just because it’s not yet proven doesn’t mean the harm doesn’t exist. But science considers this as a blind belief and the flaw of religion ……”

Now I explain.                       

At the dawn of any human civilization, the cycle of the universal systems of things always starts with timid religious inquests and end in nihilist scientific inquiries.

As the mind of man develops through questioning the very religious thoughts that had birthed and grown the mind, the urge for a scientific inquiry sets in and a quiet process of rejection of those pristine values to which the mind had been used to, starts.

Such is the real and true relationship of religious inquests and scientific inquiries whose side objective to probe divinity actually end up clashing with religious inquiries as scientific inquiries always end up disproving divinity because of its lack of empiricism.

With the knowledge of this background truth, I found out that the world is presently experiencing a bizarre development which had happened a few times in the history of man’s habitation of the earth.

In the book, “Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds” which sought to track and rediscover lost civilizations that had existed on the surface of the earth, Charles Berlitz, an a archaeologist, a scuba diver, a linguist and an Egyptologist, whose father founded the famous Berlitz language school and who, himself, had a working knowledge of thirty five languages, examined the reasons for the presence in the world today of  mysterious monuments buried inside the seas; archeological finds such as the Stonehenge, the pyramids, and other artifacts suspected to be remnants of the lost continents of Atlantis.

Charles Berlitz is of the opinion that an advanced civilization far more developed than our civilization existed on earth millions of years B.C. and was wiped out by what may be regarded as the misuse of systems and processes developed by them at a time that is referred in the study of history and archaeology as antediluvian period, and also recorded in the Holy Bible as the great flood of Noah’s time      

In another book, titled, “In Search of Lost Civilization”, Alan Landsburg examined the incredible saga of unsolved mysteries of long dead cities, sunken islands, vanished continents and drowned kingdoms of man that existed before on earth.

The sunken continents, he found out, included the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria with their highly developed Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations harboring sophisticated technologies.

Others are the fabled cities of Mycenae, the mysterious Talos, ancient Zimbabwe and Mohenjo-Daro, including the ancestral home of Abraham, Ur of the Chaldees.

Both Charles Berlitz and Alan Landsburg offered many photographs of their empirical investigations which involved different teams of experts and specialists consisting of archeologists, linguists versed in ancient languages such as hieroglyphics, scuba divers for underwater search, etc.

They presented convincing evidence which goes to show that the present inhabitants of the earth are on the verge of repeating the fatal mistakes of their forebears.

Wrong and misapplied technology has taken over the world. With the greed in man, technology is being driven to an extreme end. Why should the syringes to be used in the COVID-19 vaccine have chips and micro-trackers for people to whom the vaccine is given?

Why would anybody want to identify and monitor everybody on earth? Why should anybody want to use micro chips that create own unique code for the person on whom it is used? Why should few people on earth, in their own word, want “to create the world that we want”?

Courtesy of these extreme scientists and their comrades in destruction, human beings using their own words again, “will be under the digital era”. Of what use is the digital era to the hungry, deprived and depraved suffering masses of the earth?

Having challenged God with the commercialization of the human reproductive nutrients of the male spermatozoa and the female egg, and setting the stage ready for conscious and deliberate cloning of human beings as done with documents in photocopy machines through complex experiments in laboratory mass human production technology, these extreme scientists and their comrades in destruction of the earth has eventually developed a system that may eventually sink the earth.

The world must understand that the scenario that is playing out now is a duel, a dangerous duel between theism (belief in God), represented by the global religious community championed by Christianity, and atheism (unbelief in God), represented by swapped science and a few religious groups, who, though they are atheists and satanists in reality, pretend to be theists in doctrine, belief system and worship.

In a previous work in this platform, I have predicted that the COVID-19 saga may drag on in such a way that the international community may introduce a COVID-19 vaccination certificate as was done in the case of yellow fever vaccination certificate required of us for our international travels is the seventies.

Though for the wrong motive, this seem to be on the way now because it is being discussed in aviation quarters.

It is important to record the service being rendered to humanity by some organizations and personalities in the deadly duel between a few people and the vast population of the inhabitants of the earth.

Such people to be recognized include the personalities behind Frontline MDs. com, the Doctors Alliance, Dr. Carrie Madej and her organization, Stop World Control (The Voice of Freedom) etc.

In response to the selfless efforts of these servants of humanity, there have been mass protests around the world opposing the COVID-19 vaccine, which as I write this work, is judiciously packaged and being delivered around the countries of the world, including Africa where they have, as usual, found minimum opposition because of the usual traditional and predictable compromising stances of corrupt African politicians and leaders. In London, for example, protesters gathered and sang, ” Stick the Vaccine up your ass……”.

It is not enough for the inhabitants of the earth whose lives and civilization are in danger of extinction to gather and sing. What has come out of the legal actions against the Peoples’ Republic of China for breeding and unleashing COVID-19 Corona virus to the world?

So far, there have been discordant voices of disapproval for the actions of these suspected conspirators around the world but not yet an organized effort to challenge their action and effrontery or counteract the damages they have caused to the world public health and psyche.

There should have come into existence international movements to fight this sinister motive of a few greedy members of the human community. These movements should arm themselves with facts and enough evidence ready to prosecute the suspected international criminals who may be found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Like Udoka observed, even in the camp of extreme and swapped scientists with no recognition for moral sins, they still recognize the validity of provable crimes against humanity which they have, by their inordinate greed and ambition, committed.

Rather than continue with the passive approach of creating social media awareness and sensitizing people on the reasons why they should not accept the COVID-19 vaccine, the movements to be put in place will institute cases of crimes against humanity to challenge the audacity of these few members of the human community who are scrambling to seize the soul of the earth, and make all of us slaves.

Additionally, the movements should press for mass and international boycott of their businesses and products  of such business. Picketing on their companies as a veritable instrument of drawing their attention to the cries of the general human community, will not be a bad idea.

I am sure that all of us who patronize the social media messages and campaign against the COVID-19 vaccine will be willing to contribute in different ways, including financial, to do this case in defense of the inhabitants of the earth at the International Criminal Court.

With these efforts at joint participation by the masses, I would be sure that what the potent destroyers of the earth failed to achieve in 2020, they will not be able to achieve in 2021.

The year 2021 will be a year after the hearts of men and it will end well in manifesting the positive things that the collective consciousness of human beings on earth has envisioned.

Leonardo da Vinci the Architect, Artist and great mystic philosopher had pontificated number five (the addition or summation of the numbers that occur in the representation of the year 2021 as in 2+0+2+1) in a mysterious “Te tra gra ma ton” painting.

According to Jewish Kabala which is an ancient science descended from the lost ancient civilization of Egypt and upon which all the mysteries that are recorded in all modern religions, including Christianity and Islam are founded, the number five is God’s trademark number for man and the possibility is high that number five is man’s lucky number at which point things become unusually easy.

In spite of this hope from a Kabala principle, and being now caught up in the web of self-destructive influence and manipulation of the earth as a result of man’s unbalanced use of the reasoning, logical side of his brain, which Udoka had identified as what gives rise to man’s scientific pursuits (that enhance one side of civilization of man on earth), the only alternative to arrest a possible descent to the abyss which is a self-inflicted, technology-induced apocalypse, is for man to seek and employ the emotional side of his brain, which Udoka identified as manifesting in the religions.

Udoka also observed the belief and position of scientists that science must beat religion in the development of man and his environment.

I fault this scientists’ belief because it is the major reason for the extinction of civilizations that existed on earth before.

A natural and harmonious blend and balance of science with religion, which means, emotion with reason, is the only guarantee for the survival of any civilization on earth including our own civilization.

This mistake that is about to be made now by contemporary scientists was most probably the mistake made by the scientists of the lost civilizations examined by Charles Berlitz and Alan Landsburg.

With this, I draw the curtain for the tempestuous year 2020 in the Kaleidoscope.

By His divine grace, we shall meet ourselves in good health and cheerful heart in the new year 2021.



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