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Weight loss: Include these six antioxidant-rich food in your daily diet to lose weight

As per various studies and researches, antioxidants have numerous health benefits and can aid weight loss. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, people have understood the importance of staying healthy and staying in shape.

While there are various diets and workouts that claim to make you shed those extra kilos, not all of them are healthy to follow.

The pandemic has made us all gain extra kilos, which has led to a growing need to lose weight. Antioxidants are highly recommended for people trying to lose weight. Not just this, antioxidants prevent free radical damage and promote their decomposition.

Free radical damage can contribute to many chronic health problems such as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

Here is a list of six antioxidants rich foods that promote weight loss and improve your overall health:

02/7​Green tea

A healthy weight loss journey is incomplete without green tea/herbal tea. Green tea has healthy compounds called catechin, which helps in reducing weight. It can boost metabolism. Consuming green tea helps in burning calories even while you are resting.

03/7​Black tea

Black is a commonly included food item in any weight loss plan. Both green and black tea help in reducing weight. The only added benefit of black tea is the oxidation process that black tea undergoes. It can help cancel the impact of a high-fat meal on blood pressure, which is good for heart health.


Beans are super rich in fibre and antioxidants. The antioxidant kaempferol present in beans aids the prevention of cancer and chronic inflammation. It also suppresses the growth of kidney, bladder and lung cancer. Beans also help regulate bowel movements.


Blueberries are rich in carbohydrates, fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K. These are low calories and can reduce the inflammation present in the body.

Blueberry prevents the brain damage that occurs with age, reduces blood pressure, lowers low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and decreases the risk of heart disease.

06/7​Vegetable juice

Fresh vegetable juice is rich in fibre, which keeps you fuller for longer and stops you from binge eating and thus promotes weight loss. Fibre consumption helps control cravings, which is a big hindrance in most weight loss journeys.

You can add vegetables like beets, carrots, tomatoes, amla and green leafy vegetables to make a healthy vegetable juice. You can squeeze some lemon juice and salt for added taste.


A handful of nuts is a healthy snack option, which keeps you fuller and provides you with various nutrients. Nuts are high in good fat and calories, which suppresses your hunger and has various health benefits. Nuts have oils and thus only a limited quantity must be consumed in one go.

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