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Nigerian-American, Ejike Okpa, Seeks Texas Republican Nomination For US Congress

Edward Ejike Okpa Jr is a citizen of the world. He’s an exceptional Nigerian who has made his mark across cultures, political diversities and human interests.

Last weekend, thousands of Nigerians were on a Twitter space hosted by an American named Tariq Nasheed. Nasheed, who described himself as a foundational black American, argued against the emigration of Africans and the rest of the world to the United States. In his opinion, it has drained America and has shorn “foundational black Americans” of opportunities. For reasons best known to him, he didn’t accept views that negated his, even when there was better logic and clarity to them. Mr Nasheed must have been oblivious of the impacts made by Nigerians in American society, much of which is exemplified by Ejike Okpa.

More than three decades ago, a young Ejike Okpa followed his uncle to Dallas, and he never left. In 1995, he became a citizen of the United States, thanks to his immense contribution to the development of his society. But that journey didn’t start there.

A Prince of Ihe town in Awgu Local Government Area of Enugu State, South-East Nigeria, Ejike was born into the family of the Late Chief E.E. Okpa, the traditional ruler of Ihe town. He, however, left his royal benefits and princely stature to start a life he is proud of today.

In 2003, Ejike contested to become the Mayor of Dallas, becoming the first immigrant to run for office in Dallas within eight years of holding an American citizenship. He has been appointed into various positions across the state and local governments in the United States and is a big success in the real estate industry.

Ejike has hosted some of the most prominent leaders in the United States. He’s regarded as a star in the nation’s politics and is blessed with an analytic eye and a rare understanding of global issues.

He’s a political icon of the Republican Party and a personality with who consecutive Presidents, Governors, Congressmen, and Mayors have been happy to work. He has never been afraid of speaking truth to power has challenged times and decisions if they are not for the greater good of the American society, Africa and the world.

Ejike and former POTUS, Donald Trump

Ejike has built capacity shown resilience and excellence in nation-building. While his immigration story is one of great courage and confidence, his rise to becoming a history maker results from hard work.

“I went from working as a “busboy” at a hotel to Heading the Appraisal function as Regional Appraisal Manager at FDIC as Receiver over eight states in the United States of America,” Ejike said.

Since 1995 when he became a U.S citizen, Ejike has known and worked with three Governors of Texas, including George W. Bush (1995-1999), Rick Perry (2000-2014) and the present Governor, Greg Abbott who became Governor in 2015. Two of these Governors have visited his home in Dallas, a stronghold of the Republican Party where he presently seeks to become a Congressman. One of these Governors, George Walker Bush, the 46th Governor of Texas, later became the 43rd President of the United States of America. A regular visitor to the White House for several decades during the tenures of many U.S Presidents, Ejike has exchanged ideas with many leaders and advised them on foreign relations.

Appointed by the United States of America, Ejike has served (and is still serving) as a member of several agencies of the U.S government and other multilateral corporations around the world. As an Economist, Real Estate Consultant and Global Analyst on socio-political matters.

He has worked as a consultant for many countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, his home country, America and the Middle East. He has worked with the representatives of the kingdom of Bahrain.  Appointed by the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, Ejike is presently a member of the Texas State Securities Board.

Ejike and Barack Obama

The former “busboy” Congressman-in-making has multiple business interests in his home state of Texas and around the world. He worked very closely with the immediate past President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, especially their business interests and their Republican Party’s ideologies.

Ejike is passionate about the African continent and hopes to use his opportunity as a Congressman, if elected, to the benefit of the growth of the continent. He said African-American relations could be a win-win rather than what it currently is.

“Reason when I become a US Congressman one who came to the US after college in Nigeria and one who has active relationships in every African country, I can be instrumental in promoting and advancing US interests.

“US does not know how to deal nor relate to Africa because her relationship with African-Americans is frosty. Their approach is more out of guilt and sympathy as opposed to strategy fashioned on win-win.

“US believes in throwing money at Africa but gets nothing in return. I can change that and achieve a better outcome.

“I can do more to promote the US as a native African who is a US citizen by choice,” he said.

A staunch and passionate American, Ejike combines the opportunities and wealth of the United States with the ruggedness, tenacity, passion for success and brilliance of his Nigerian heritage.

“No other nation has provided education for the black race more than the US.

“That China and Russia have a presence in Africa is because the US is timid speaking up on what it has done.

“I will highlight this ignored fact and challenge China and Russia when it comes to Africa.

“US has not recognised the immeasurable assets and values inherent in relating to Africa via native Africans who came to the US as adults and well educated.

“I doubt any Chinese nor Russian can win any debate with me on Africa. I’m that hidden asset.”

Ejike Okpa Jr hopes to become the Republican candidate for Texas Congressional District #32 on the 1st of March 2022 and is calling for the support of residents and locals.

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First published in Gate Keepers News,

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