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As Indiscriminate Attacks Continue, Despite Deborah’s “George Floyd” Moment, Can We Truly Live Together As A Nation?

  • Emmanuel Ogebe queries Nigeria’s nationhood

Two years ago this month, the world watched Black American George Floyd plead for his life as a white policeman Derek Chauvin asphyxiated him to death in a painful nine minute video that sparked global protests and reforms.

In Nigeria we watched schoolgirl Deborah Yakubu (aka Samuel) brutally beaten and barbarically burnt to blazes on video but an ominous silence from high level quarters on this monstrous outrage proving once more that the lives of Nigerians are the only cheap item left in Nigeria.

Indeed, we received the information and video below:
“The same people that killed and burnt Deborah attacking innocent christian ladies within Sokoto, northern Nigeria metropolis yesterday.”

Nigeria can no longer continue under a leadership mindset where such acts are tolerable.

If we can’t live together in a WhatsApp chat group, how on earth can we live together as a nation?

The murder of Deborah for simply asking her classmates to stop posting “nonsense“ in a study group is the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

A region that dominates political power but produces poverty and death must re-examine itself. Progressive minds worldwide have used social media to generate income but here retrogressive minds have weaponized social media to kill others.

Worse still is the silence, complacence and acquiescence of so-called northern elite who are educated without consequence.

Upcoming elections must have consequences. The fact that Patami is still in government today is the reason why Deborahs are still dying in northern schools.

These home-based terrorists are worse than Boko Haram who do not set women on fire. The British colonialists did not burn women alive.

This month’s primaries will determine which direction we’re going as a nation. Our country, citizenship and very humanity is at stake. We must wrest our destiny from the grip of barbarians.

Emmanuel Ogebe is the Convener of US-Nigeria Law Group

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