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Beetroot Juice Can Do Wonders For Your Heart, Liver, Skin; Know Benefits From Nutritionist

Beetroot promotes heart health, detoxes liver and improves blood flow. It is also wonderful for constipation, digestive issues and skin health

A glass of beetroot juice every day can keep many diseases away, especially heart disease. A new research at the British Cardiovascular Society conference in Manchester, says regular consumption of beetroot juice can reduce signs of inflammation in blood vessels which is generally high in case of people with coronary heart disease.

“Beetroot juice is rich in compounds called nitrates. Our body has the capability to convert nitrates into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is an excellent blood vessel dilator and thus, promotes blood flow and heart health,” says Dietician Garima Goyal.

Beetroot is also known to detox liver and promotes blood flow. It is also wonderful for constipation, digestive issues and skin health.

“Beetroot juice is one of the healthiest food items you need to include this summer for getting innumerable health benefits. It won’t be wrong to consider beetroot juice a superfood, owing to its nutritional properties,” says Goyal.

Here are other benefits of beetroot for your overall health as per Garima Goyal.

Improves blood pressure

The beetroot juice is rich in folate and potassium. Higher folate and potassium levels in diet have been linked with a significantly reduced blood pressure.

Reduces oxidative stress

Beetroot juice is high in antioxidants like Vitamin C. It is also rich in compounds called betains, which are known to reduce the oxidative stress in our body.

In addition, betalains – responsible for the deep red colour of beets have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitoxic properties.

Liver support

The antioxidant activity of betain helps prevent fatty deposits in liver, supporting liver health. Its antitoxic levels also prevent toxic contents to accumulate.

Reduces cholesterol

Beetroot juice has also shown to reduce the triglyceride levels in the body, simultaneously increasing the good HDL levels as well. This results in a balanced lipid profile.

Anticarcinogenic properties

Betalains have one another important function, that is to scavenge potential carcinogens from the body, and hence have chemo-preventive effect. Lifestyle – Health

Weight maintenance

This healthy juice comes with very low calories and zero fat. This means, it can form an important part of your weight loss diet as well. What’s better than a drink which is healthy, and can help you reduce the extra weight?

Glowing skin

Want that natural glowing skin back? Beets may come to your rescue. Its antitoxic properties help flush out toxins from the body. High iron content also helps repair the damaged cells quickly- ensuring a better skin and hair health. The vitamin C content of beets also help prevent or even treat the hyperpigmentation condition of skin.

Hence, make sure to include the beneficial beetroot juice in your daily diet to gain numerous health benefits.

First published in Hindustan Times,

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