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Editorial: Governor Soludo, Sack Your Education Commissioner

Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Charles Soludo, should immediately sack his Commissioner for Education, Professor Ngozi Chuma-Ude, who is distracting the government by her unguarded outburst towards a teacher applicant, who she called an idiot.

A viral voice note shows that the Commissioner showed poor judgment while reacting to the unnamed applicant who called her for information regarding recruitment examination held over the weekend.

In dismissing the applicant teacher as an idiot who would have no place in the education sector, Professor Chuma-Ude said: “Madam, you’re an idiot. You mean the computers are doing what? I received a report by 12 noon that you people refused to stand in line, you refused to be identified, you mobbed.

“If you are employed as a teacher, is that what you will teach your students?”

Clearly, this Commissioner displayed the arrogance which should not be found in a servant-leadership government which you are championing. She exhibited unnecessary anger even when the opportunity of public office should have dampened her behaviour and lacks the temperament of a public servant in today’s modern government.

Her acidic behaviour should not have come into play just because somebody reached out to her to express disappointment with the setting of teachers Computer which teachers are expected to use. It should have been an opportunity to show the compassion and understanding expected of public servants serving under a global leader like you, the Governor.

Her behaviour shows there is lack of empathy by her and such a person shouldn’t be found near your government. What is shocking is that ever since the voice note went viral, she still feels she right in all she said, that is why she has not tendered an apology to the people of Anambra State for not presenting the government she serves in the best light.

As a Professor and Commissioner for Education, she ought to epitomize the best ideals of a role model, in character and actions, to all the girl and women of the State even as she executes the right policies to lift the education sector to the best global standards. Her appointment as Commissioner for Education should not be magna carta to verbal street-brawling or showcasing of avoidable anger and name calling.

And when you recall that this same Commissioner had previously been accused of being rash to applicants and had on previous occasions been credited with saying that she answered 3,000 calls in one hour about the recruitment exercise and that she should not be disturbed by anybody, then you understand why she should quit.

Tell me, what does she think public office entails? An unending party or ego trip?

Indeed, there must be no excuses for the Commissioner’s outburst and none must be accepted. Even though we feel that it is unacceptable to record a private call without consent and even when you do, it must not be used against the person. But that is a topic for another day.

But this is an eye opener that in this era of technology, everyone, especially public servants ought to know that there is no more a difference between private and public chats or lifestyle. And it shows that those who are wont to use abusive or careless words in private should be careful when speaking with people as they may be recorded without their knowledge. This is more so when talking with someone you are not familiar with.

Perhaps, it is not late for Governor Soludo to organize a seminar on rules of etiquette or the right ways of dealing with the public. This would be for all his Commissioners, government appointees and top civil servants.

Before then, Professor Ngozi Chuma-Ude should honourably resign her appointment as Commissioner for Education or be sacked immediately by Governor Soludo. Her continued stay in office is a distraction to the government and people of Anambra State.

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