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IPOB Allege Massacre By Nigerian Security Forces In Ogbaru, Nnewi LGAs Of Anambra State, Calls For Immediate Halt

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has alleged an ongoing massacre of some residents of Ogbaru and Nnewi Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Anambra State, calling on the State Governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo to intervene in “the slaughtering of his citizens.” 

In a statement on Sunday by its Spokesperson, Emma Powerful, IPOB said it “is deeply saddened with the ongoing massacre of innocent people with no traceable links to criminals by Nigeria Joint Military in an effort curb criminality in the East particularly in Anambra State and Imo State. It is very sad and distasteful seeing our people being massacred in their numbers especially at the Ogbaru and Nnewi South LGAs. We don’t know if Gov. Soludo was aware of this military exercise or it’s Caliphate government’s plans to wipe out larger number of Ndigbo.  

“Yes, we are aware that there are some pockets of petty criminals in the state as obtainable elsewhere in Nigeria, but that is not enough reason for the Nigeria terrorist Military to randomly slaughtering our people like chickens. The military started shooting innocent people sporadically on the road and some were gun down in their homes in Ogbaru and Nnewi South.

“Chukwuma Charles Soludo are you now the second Hitler like “Hope Uzodinma and Nyesom Wike” who was instructed to eliminate by the caliphate to kill his people? Is this military depopulation of your people part of the deal you entered with the enemies of Ndigbo before being voted into office as Anambra Governor last year November? Soludo are you in competition to kill our people with Hope Uzodinma who was not voted by his people or do you  plan to beat his record? Do you also derive joy seeing your people being murdered by Fulani terrorists and jihadist masquerading as Nigeria security agencies? Soludo what crimes did  people of your state commit to deserve being unleashed with Military and Police brutality?

“We are astonished seeing Fulani terrorists masquerading as Nigeria military murdering more than 100 innocent citizens in Ogbaru LGA without any state publication and condemnation from anybody. Not even one national newspaper in the country published this massacre because Nigeria media are being muscled by the fulani led government. It is unimaginable that these terrorists murders our people leaving the footprint of the Fulani-Terrorist of Nigeria military yet no Eastern Governor has condemned or sponken out against this outrage and ethnic cleansing . 

“IPOB and ESN operatives are doing their best to stop those perpetrating criminalities in the region and shouldn’t be pointed to our enemies to be killed as the terrorist in uniform also do not trust the pointer. Do not justify the killing of our innocent young men and women including elderly people instead support ESN to bring peace and calmness to our land which foreign enemies can never achieve in one million years. 

“It is only a fool that will call his enemies to come and settle their differences. Fulani lead government and the fulanized military dislike Igbos with passion and wish we can be wiped out. Hence any Governor inviting the Nigeria terrorist military to the East is an enemy of his people. The level killing going-on in Ogbaru LGA and Nnewi South LGA is condemnation. We wonder how Nigeria compromised army going house to house searching for innocent Biafrans citizens to kill, we don’t want that to happen again. 

“Profiling and Killing of our innocent young Igbo youths while the terrorist youths in the North are being recruited into Nigeria army, police and DSS, covered with with military uniformed, armed and sent to our land upon request of some of our Governors for deliberate massacre of their citizens can be referred as stupid. That’s why the Caliphate refers to such individuals as “Useful Idiots”.

“Dear Professor Soludo, the Anambra State Governor, we respect you as an intelligent Professor and technocrat who is more knowledgeable compared to many other Igbo politicians especially when it concerns our collective good as Igbo people not to bow completely to external forces. 

“Recent events left us with no doubt that you’re being persuaded and even blackmailed into dancing to the tune of Nigeria Fulani government.  You have joined the league of southern politicians fulani called our stooge” whose self persuasions enlist as one of the bloodsuckers silently killing her citizens to please his Masters. There’s also no doubt that such act if embraced would attract a regrettable consequences. 

“Gov. Chukwuma Soludo take a look at what is happening in Ukpor Nnewi South LGA, how the military were going house to house searching eliminating and disappearing  youths from 15 years above. So far Nigeria terrorist Military may eliminated more than 500 innocent youths in the two LGAs of Ogbaru and Nnewi South of Anambra State.

“Can you show us where military attack and burnt down a village in the North when terrorists and bandits killed any military personnel? When Nigeria Army comes into Biafra land, they dumped military rules of engagement and become brutal as terrorists in burning properties and mindless slaughtering of our people. 

“Chukwuma Soludo we are not asking you not to fight criminals who are troubling our people but call these jihadists parading as Nigeria soldiers to order, disabuse our minds and that of Anambra youths, convince us that you haven’t become another Hope Uzodinma of Imo State here in Anambra State. 

“Have you gone to Ogbaru LGA and Nnewi South LGA and see what fulani military are doing in that area? Why haven’t you visited those affected Local Government to see the level of massacre that the fulani militias in Nigeria military did to our people?

“It is important we remind you that IPOB-ESN is a reliable force to reckon with, we know our environment and our people.  We know what to do, allow us to do what is necessary because we don’t like what criminals are doing here, we cannot allow them to succeed in  this land. Inviting the imported enemy Army into our land in any disguise will endanger the lives of the innocent youths who are major target of these terrorist Military. Once again I live you with this wisdiom quote “Only a fool will invite his enemies to settle a family quarrel.'”

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