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Anambra State Land Investors Send SOS To Governor Soludo

By Adanma Ebere

A group of Anambra State Land Investors have sent a Save Our Soul (SOS) passionate appeal to the Governor of the State, Charles Chukwuma Soludo, on the retrieval, validation and handing over of lands already paid for by them.

In the appeal dated January 23, 2023, the investors stressed that it is “with a very heavily laden broken heart” that they seek the intervention of Governor Soludo into the lingering matter with the State Government, Ministry of Housing, and its agency/legal body/entity, AHOCOL/AHOCOL SAVINGS AND LOANS LIMITED, over lands purchased from the State Government, through them.

According to the letter, between 2010 and 2013, Anambra State Government, through its Ministry of Housing, acting via its Agency/Legal Body AHOCOL advertised that it was developing a total of 22 estates with about 3,724 plots in its proposed Housing Estates in different areas outlining the Awka Capital Territory.

The group regretted however that “this is increasingly taking the coloration of a massive heist against the Anambra State Government and the unsuspecting citizens of Nigeria.”

The 22 housing estates include Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 1 : 700 plots; Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 2: 172 plots; Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase3: 86 plots; Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 4: 108 plots; Ahocol Chukwuemeka H/E, Mgbakwu Phase 5: 70 plots; 6&7.University Campus H/E, Ukwulu, Phase 1 and Phase 2, both: 200 plots.

Others include Udokamaka H/E, Isuaniocha: 178 plots; Chukwudolu H/E,Isuaniocha: 34 plots; Green H/E, Mgbakwu, PH.1:200 plots 11.” “. “. “. “. “. “, PH.2:20 plots; Ikemba Super Habitat H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 1: 82 plots; Ikemba Super Habitat H/E, Mgbakwu, Phase 2: 32 plots; Millennium H/E, Urum, Ph.1: 200 plots; ” “. “. “. ‘ Urum, Ph.2: 80 plots; Aladinma Int. H/E, Isiagu: 450 plots; City Pride H/E, Isiagu: 500 plots; Ifedioranma H/E, Mgbakwu, PH.1: 190 plots; “. “. “. Mgbakwu, Ph2: 90 plots; Oriental H/E, Aguleri: 200 plots; Legacy H/E, Mgbakwu, Ph.1: 81 plots; and “. “. “. ,Mgbakwu, Ph 2: 51 plots.

According to the group: “A good number of citizens of Nigeria reacted positively by investing in the said estates proposed and advertised for development, by Anambra State Government, through its Ministry for Housing, and its agency/legal entity Ahocol by paying for the said lands on offer for the estates development.

“Payments ranging from #385,000:00, to #720,000, or more, per plot of land, in these advertised/proposed estates for development, at Mgbakwu, and the other areas, were made. The breakdown of the payments made per each plot as it related to Chukwuemeka Housing Estate, Phase 3, as were applicable to the other locations were as follows:-
I.) Application for a plot of land- #10,000
ii.) Payment for a plot of land- #180,000
iii.) Acceptance Fee – #10,000
iv.)Building Plan. – #100,000
v.)Survey Plan. – #45,000
vi.)Ground Rent. – #30,000
vii.)Power of Attorney. – #10,000.

“The same or different degrees of differences equally applied in all the proposed Housing Estates. After these payments, all the efforts made for the State Government to take the investors to the physical locations of the proposed estates, at Mgbakwu, and the other locations, to show the respective plots of lands for possession and development failed.

“Not long after, the news spread that AHOCOL SAVINGS & LOANS LIMITED, the Legal Body/Entity, through which the State Government transacted the lands sales, has gone into receivership of the NDIC, for defaulting in paying its statutory fees to the Central Bank of Nigeria. Since then, the investments in the lands purchases entered into with Anambra State Government has been in jeopardy without the investors taking possession of the lands validly paid for and purchased.

“The idea of the State-owned AHOCOL SAVINGS & LOANS LIMITED going into receivership throws up some salient issues which the investors strongly feel the new administration ought to look into as a continuum in political governance, including assets and liabilities.

“The investors are pleading that the money paid to the State Government for the purchases of the lands, through its Legal Entity, falls into the category of IGR for the State Government. The money realised from all the Nigerian citizens who invested in the land purchases amounting to the neighborhood of #1,433,740,000:00 (One billion, four hundred and thirty three Million, seven hundred and fourty thousand Naira), or even more, may not be into the coffers of the State Government.

“The investors are urging Governor Soludo to see that justice is done quickly in his cherished spirit of Solution is Here. The investors happen to be retirees who invested their all.”

The group listed the petitioners with their bonafides to include:

1.Engr. UKAEGBU, Thankgod Ekene, email:, Phone: 0803 549 5103

2. NWANGWU, Emmanuel, email:, Phone: 0803 896 2844

3.Chief UBASHINACHI, Onyebuchkwu U., email:, Phone: 0803 324 0422

4.Chief EZEUDU, Gilbert, email:, Phone: 0803 303 1673

5.NNABUGWU, Makodi Biereenu, email:, Phone: 0808 024 3464

6.MADUOLOSI, Emmanuel O., email:, Phone: 0701 997 3382

7.EGWUONWU, Emmanuel Eme., email:, Phone: 0816 177 0420

8.Prof. IKEANYIBE, Okey, email:, Phone: 0703 081 9757

9.Chief Sir ESOMONU, Martins N., email:, Phone: 0802 642 2563

10.Prof. NNABUDE, Peter C., email:, Phone: 0703 312 8992

11.OTUBAH, Grace Ifeoma, email:, Phone: 0803 754 0485

12.NWEZEH, Edwin Chimezie, email:, Phone:0803 790 9485

13.Dr.EZEKWE, Kenneth Chukwudi, email:, Phone: 0803 395 0633

14.NNAEMEKA, Chukwudi John, email:, Phone: 0803 376 8264

15.Dr. ERESIMADU, Festus Nnofu, email:, Phone: 0803 394 5014

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